An esaile (Es.) (fem. essaille [Ess.]) is a holy man (or woman) granted special powers and semi-divine status by the Blue Gods (acting through the Bonifact) because of his piety and devotion to them. They were once Men (or perhaps came from other peoples), but after death (sometimes before) were elevated to the status of esaile by the Skyfather. Each has special duties, tasks, or areas of responsibility; Some of the most notable among them include:

Ess. Anira: The patron of adventurers who, by direct devotion or nobility of purpose and deed, serve the Blue Gods. Many offer prayers for her aid before beginning a quest.

Es. Baliar: The soul-thief who serves the Blue Gods. He takes the Evil souls that he catches and roasts them on a spit over a sacred flame as punishment for their Evil deeds.

Es. Kiruin: The patron Esaile of righteous struggle and noble causes. Kiruin stands in spirit beside those who fight on the Blue Gods’ behalf in any way.

Es. Laerin: Patron of health and healing. In life, he followed teachings set down by Hospin, god of healing. It is said that Laerin never denied any individual healing when it was in his power to give it. Priests and others who revere Es. Laerin honor him with a holy order in his name.

Es. Larborn: The patron of inns and innkeepers. He insures that the ale is fresh and crisp, and that a fire’s always burning in the fireplace on cold nights. A favorite of many merchants, travelers, and adventurers.

Ess. Remagen: The patron of loyalty, fealty, and oaths. She rewards those who follow their pacts, even when it hurts them to do so, and punishes those who renege on a sworn promise.

Es. Rostarien: When the burdens of rulership become difficult to bear, kings and nobles can call on their own patron esaile, Rostarien, for comfort and support.


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