Grull's Companions

Showdown at Vrazha, 13 September 2013

Against the Sharthak, part 2

The heroes hope that the sharthak are bold enough to answer the call to battle Grull made when he fired a lightning bolt from the Spear of Vergaine into the night sky. They survey the terrain, adopt positions, and wait for the assault. The storm cloud again gather overhead as they did against the Kraken, and the fight is on!

Sharthak vs humans

Sharthak approach the village from both the south and the north. The group from the south engages the heroes almost immediately. Tarot gets stabbed by two of the shark-men and falls back. Simeon gives up his pit trap to save the bard, while Grull holds steady in the shed, awaiting the inevitable attack from the dark waters of Lake Beralka.

Giant crabs come ashore, and a figure made of ice strides forth from the water to confront the Drakine hero. It smashes Grull with its flail, forcing the warrior to adopt a defensive posture and wait for help. The remainder of the company rout the sharthak, but no one seems to be able to do more than chip away at the icy fighter. Finally, the battle comes to a draw as the ice man withdraws back into the sea.


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