Grull's Companions

The company stealthily makes its way between battalions of the orc army, following the dim waft of ill magic, a cold wind making its way down the tributary of the Corwine River to Ildra Boralis, the capitol of Elvenholme. Tasked by King Tirionsathymar, the heroes wend their towards whatever evil awaits…

Fayette, cautiously moving ahead of the group, thinks she hears something up ahead and pauses the party. Maril, at the front of the main group, sends Kanor and Sasha out one flank, and Jun-jun on the other. Proceeding forward, Kanor stops when he hears two creatures talking in an unknown language and the steady thump-thump-thump of a rhythmic drumbeat.

Returning to the group, Kanor describes what he heads up ahead. As the group debates what to do, suddenly a boulder crashes through the trees, followed by Jun-jun plus a second boulder. Suddenly, two frost giants come into view, and the fight is on!

One giant runs forward and slices Benwolf nearly in two with his great axe. The other casts a spell, laying a field of ice across the ground where the heroes stood, making it difficult to move. Marcus, reacting in anger to Ben’s injury, tries to drop a fireball on the ice wielder, but misses the target, causing the rest of the group to dive for cover, dropping the spell too close to his own party! Grull was the one who stood his ground, his full plate armor and the protection of the newly acquired Verse-Sword negating the effects of the fireball, while Marcus took no damage from his own spell due to the power of his Elemental Bulwark. Tarot quickly deployed his Sword of Useful Functions in kayak form and hid underneath it, while everyone else dove away from the fiery blast. The best part of the fireball was that it negated the ice field, and the companions had footing once more.

It took a moment, but Fayette, Grull, and Merina took down the first giant, and soon after, the second one fell to the heroes as well. Realizing that the fireball had likely drawn the attention of the nearby orc battalions, the heroes made the decision to press forward with their quest, knowing that the fate of Elvenholme could be at stake.

In a couple of hours, the group had passed the tree line into the Greyward Mountains. In the distance, they spied a large cave, with a pair of frostflails for guards, and the emanation of magic coming from within…


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