Grull's Companions

Our heroes follow the trail of the magic-tinged wind into the Greyward Mountains, which Kanor and Fayette agree is also following the trail of the frost giants they had just encountered. Past the tree line now, the Companions climb upward until they come to a cave from which Elphaba informs them the ill wind is coming from. The entrance is guarded by two frostflails, the elemental humanoids made of ice Grull fought once back when the party battled the sharthak back at the village of Vrazha. A huge tent made for giants sits downhill a few meters from the cave.

Grull speaks with the Ecclesiarch, and Vener Agee agrees to dispense a large quantity of grain alcohol from his Everfull Mug, which is used to soak the giants’ tent. The group, now numbering fourteen, keeps the tent between them and the four meter tall frostflails. They hide behind it and a nearby boulder, while Grull and Fayette proceed inside the tent. Slitting a hole in the corner of the tent nearest the frostflails, Fayette take one shot at the nearest frostflail in order to get its attention, then running back to the rest of the companions, while Grull steps just outside the hole in the tent in order to draw the creatures to him.

The frostflails follow Grull through the hole into the tent, and Grull stands at the door, blocking it, then shouts the order to Marcus, who uses his Fiery Orb spell to send the alcohol-soaked tent up in a conflagration of flame! He strikes the two frostflails, barely affecting one while having modest success against the other. The two frostflails, unaffected by the fire, smash Grull, stunning him, but Merina, Marcus and Kanor rush in to engage the enemy and allow Grull to fall back for a moment’s respite and receive a Healing spell from Elphaba. Kanor is hit, and falls back while Grull is able to step back up.

The companions, on Gwilithon’s mark, work as a team against the frostflail Grull had success against, with Merina providing the bulk of the damage to the creature, finding its weakness and striking it multiple times in rapid succession, laying the creature low! The party followed their winning combination, finishing the second frostflail!

Recovering from the combat, now the heroes look up to the cave from whence the frigid mystical wind emanated, and wondered, “if these were but the guardians, what lay within?”


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