Linder Langwurt

Count of Irolo in Valicia, father of Sharena (Elphaba)


Count of Irolo in southern Valicia, his is the county which borders the Shaanda River and the Drakine realm of Basidrun beyond. He is the father of Lady Sharena Langwurt, a.k.a. Elphaba, member of the adventuring company Grull’s Companions.

King Zaargorath Khrom once tried to manipulate one of his sons, Randarath Khrom, into the county seat via an arranged marriage with Lady Langwurt. Grull’s Companions foiled that effort and the uprising that accompanied it in The Battle of Five Armies.

Recently, King Khrom has announced the intent to construct a new fortress within county Irolo, on the edge of the Shaanda and east of the Grey Bogs, as a defense against the Seshurma and Ran-Tari who inhabit the swamp and were part of the recent uprising (as well as an additional defense against the Syndics of Basidrun). It is rumored that the Lord who will hold fiefdom over the fortress will not swear fealty to Count Langwurt, but directly to the king. What affect this will have upon the politics within the county remain to be seen.

Linder Langwurt

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