Drakine Sunscale warrior


Former Commander in Basidrun.
Commodore of his own fleet of two ships.
Has a squire, Sparky.
Hates slavery.
Has a Blackblade.
Has an Amulet of Life Protection.
Carries a Paladin’s Shield.
Holds a Potion Of Healing.
Owns a Potion Of Spider Climbing.
Has a Potion of Swiftness.
Carries a Potion Of Underwater Comfort.
Wears a Ring Of Perspicacity.
Has a Scroll Of Mindtrap.
Possesses a Verse Sword.


Left home in Basidrun over growing disagreement with his father over slavery. Traveled through Valicia. In Valicia City he befriended the amnesiac wizard Neu. The two of them then journeyed to Tirhaven, just across the border into Keldravia, where they had a bar fight, and Neu fireballed a wheat field. As a result, they were sentenced to rid the town of goblin bandits with several others, and an adventuring company was born!


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