Grull's Companions


Having fallen from a collapsed stone arch dozens of meters above, the Companions find themselves plunged into a huge cavern filled with mycetons, great shambling humanoid fungi. After defending themselves from the monsters and rescuing Ogbrek, they discover that there is no way to climb back up to the dwarven city.

Trapped in the Sunless Realms, the companions search for a way out. Along the path, they encounter giant lizards and giant spiders, before coming upon a wight eating corpses of dark dwarves and human zombies.

The Forest Of Darkness
The party comes to a huge underground cavern containing a forest and a large lake. After dealing with carnivorous trees, rootlings, and ratlings, the party encounter a large fortress which they avoid, but discover a secret entrance via a mysterious voice in Merina’s head encouraging her to rescue him.

The Dark Elves
The company stealthily enters the fortress of the dark elves, Celendril, via a secret entrance into the temple of the spider queen. They discover a gate which leads to some other, even larger, dark elven stronghold. They manage to rescue not a person, but an intelligent, telepathic sword named Kesh. They also manage to collapse the dark elven gate while escaping. Grull obtains a Blackblade here, and Fayette acquires a magic boat.

The City In The Dark
Setting out across the lake, the heroes meet up with some creatures calling themselves “uthosa,” who wanted to trade. The company trades several daggers for some information about what directions they could travel in, and what dangers lay in those directions. Setting forth, they discover a beach with giant crabs on the far side of the lake. A few days further on they discover the City in the Dark, a vast underground metropolis with orcs, goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, dark dwarves, dark elves, ratlings, undead, humans, and only the gods know what else lives there. After some inspection, the group discovers Jun-jun, a pakasa, lured away from his homeland to the fabled city of Aarn by a wizard who captured him and transported him here. The group agrees to let him travel with them. They manage to escape from the constabulary comprised of orcs and an ogre city gate guard, and flee this obscene place.



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