Grull's Companions

Father Jobo has found a dwarf, Simeon Strongknife, who wishes to take passage aboard the Sea Ghost as far as Dyvnar, in Umbr. As the ship prepares to set sail, Grull receives a message that draws him away. He will catch up with the party in Helvoca, Mircasëa in a few days. After several days under sail, the company encounters a damaged ship, the Black Eagle, split nearly in half on a sandbar only a day short of Helvoca. The few survivors tell our heroes a harrowing tale of attack by the Keldravian Navy and the fabled Lake Beralka Kraken! The attackers seemed to think the destroyed ship was transporting the legendary Spear of Vergaine. Hey, what’s in that box the dwarf brought aboard with him?

Meanwhile, Grull meets up with Pokrath, unusually in disguise on this occasion. He delivers a message from Grull’s father Krandol, who warns his son not to be too hasty about returning to Basidrun any time soon, as the Syndics are considering having Grull arrested and turned over to Valicia in order to calm the current tensions between the two countries.

The ship makes port in Helvoca, and the group promptly get in a bar fight with a group of Keldravian Naval crew and the survivors from the Black Eagle. Grull arrives just in time to make the brawl short.



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