Grull's Companions


The companions run across a broken down wagon on the road. The injured driver gives them a pouch of silver with the promise of more if the party delivers the cart to the village of Saltham Shore. After delivering the wagon, the heroes discover that both a shepherd and the Lord’s son have mysteriously died recently along with several pigs and sheep, and a small cargo ship has run aground on a sandbar nearby. The ship is supposedly haunted, so the company investigates at night, finds pirates aboard the ship, named Alkax, and while they kill the pirates, the necromancer on board dives over the side and escapes. The heroes follow the trail to the cave complex the remaining pirates are using. They kill most of the pirates, but the mate buys his life and freedom for the release of the captive Lady Sharena Langwurt and her handmaiden, and the party returns her to her father, Count Linder Langwurt, in Farnth. There is much rejoicing, for now the wedding of Lady Langwurt into the royal family can commence.

The Citadel in the Bog
Count Langwurt asks the company to find the secret base of the Unearthing Rite in the Grey Bogs. Traveling in the swamp, the heroes encounter a tribe of Seshurma. After threatening to enslave Grull, Neu fireballs the lizardmen. Following the battle, the group captures a Seshurma, Ssluruk (nicknamed Quack). He tells the heroes where a mysterious abandoned dock is, which leads them to the citadel. They take Quack with them (cameo by Breez). The party confronts hundreds of zombies and a handful of necromancers. Afterwards, they return to Farnth, where a great celebration is held in the companions’ honor. Neu leaves the party to return to the tomb of Rakoss in order to further his wizardly studies. Adso leaves the party.

Gotta Get Back In Time
Lady Langwurt comes to the heroes with a problem. She does not wish to enter an arranged marriage, royal family or no. The companions agree to allow her to run away from Farnth with them. Adopting a new identity, the druidess Elphaba joins the group. The Alkax encounters a time eddy out on Lake Beralka which takes our heroes back in time 2500 years to an ancient city. They rescue a priest dedicated to Saaltus and his traveling companion, and barely escape a closing time loop in time to return to the present. Father Jobo and Guen join the company.

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
The company travels north along the coast, and encounters yet another village with a so-called haunted manor. Marcus does not like stirges. They clear yet another group of pirates out and capture yet another ship, the Sea Ghost.



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