Grull's Companions

The Hunters and the Hunted, 1 November 2013

The Road To Dyvnar


After saying goodbyes to taal Aura Mirelle, who predicted that the Spear of Vergaine was a magnet that would provide naught but trouble for the companions, the heroes set out for a brief stop in Dar Enroqe before pushing on towards their destination, Dyvnar, to pass the Spear into the hands of its rightful owner, King Sendres of Umbr.

A few days later, about halfway between Tashorn and Dar Vendrazhian, the party was attacked on the open road by a group of trolls led by a blood demon! The blood demon took down both Marcus and Grull with his blood-draining touch, leaving the very fate of the companions in peril, until the archers, Fayette and Maril, filled the blood-engorged demon full of holes and sending it back to whatever hell it came from while Merina wrested the spear away as she struggled with the monster for control of the artifact.

Now the fate of our heroes is in doubt as Elphaba races off to Dar Vendrazhian with Marcus to try and seek help from the terrible wasting put upon them by the blood demon…



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