Grull's Companions

Wolf 2

Adso rejoins the company. A grey wolf, Thunderheart, comes to find Benwolf. She tells him (and Elphaba) that the druid that guards their forest is in trouble and needs help. Thunderheart joins the party. On the Waymeet-Tirion trail, the group meets a dwarven caravan led by Longknife Strongarm. The party then encounters a Gorthunda caravan led by Marcus’ old friend Roshor. Afterwards, the company proceeds to the Gorthundan Steppes only to discover that the druid has been murdered by goblins, with a haphazard attempt to use two corpses in heraldry to frame the Blue Wolves tribe. They go to the city of Waymeet, where they seek answers, acquire the dead druid’s magic cloak, and travel out to sack a goblin camp, where they rescue a Kumasian warrior, Merina, who joins the party.

Returning to Waymeet, the companions are captured and framed for the murder. Bulgan, chieftan of one of the largest tribes of Gorthunda, the Blue Wolves, challenges Grull to combat until evidence comes out implicating the rival tribe, the Emerald Drakes. Bulgan tries to offer what help he can without risking his standing with his people, but Marcus is forced into a wizard’s duel with Xanthan, an opponent mage from enemy tribe chieftan Odenggam’s camp. The wild mage suddenly discovers that he can throw fireballs, and roasts his opponent, “proving” the party’s innocence.



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