Grull's Companions

Scorpion and rose tattoo

Meeting some of King Boldisar’s senior officers and nobles, the company is permitted to reside in the castle for several weeks while they recover from their wounds.

  • Grull meets a couple of the castle’s warriors, and drills with them, learning advanced techniques in disarming opponents.
  • Elphaba meets the Warden and the archoth of the king’s forest, the Vaas Presova, where she has an odd meeting of all of the forest’s enchanted creatures; centaurs, a treeman, fae, a forest spirit, minikin, a dryad, a unicorn and a pegasus. All are aware that a great evil is descending upon the land, and the fae are leaving this world for their own. What this means is not clear.
  • Sasha begs Marcus to take a sack of coin to a local address, where he meets a small Erqigdlit boy, Sasha’s son, Sparky. He defends the lad from several local bullies, but gets him kicked out of his residence in the process. Marcus takes him to the castle. As soon as Grull discovers the circumstances, he offers Sparky to join the Companions as his personal squire.
  • Maril brings Fayette a gift of hand-carved leather greaves and vambraces to supplement her armor.
  • Merina finds that the palace chirurgeon met her father, because he has previously seen the tattoo she and her father both wear.

After three weeks, the company has recovered, and has their long-awaited audience with King Boldisar. Fayette learns that she and Maril are related, they are both from the Illurifir line of elves. The King tells them that the stones that they delivered to him were pieces of a long-lost artifact, a gate that would open to the realm where the Demon Prince of Foulness dwells. It is best to leave it here in the castle, lest any should try to use it to wreak evil upon the world.



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