Grull's Companions

The Barrow Mound, part three

Misshapen undead constructs, 11 July 2014

Proceeding ahead, the company, along with the rescued Karol, enter what appears to be a shrine to Kilbern, though horribly defaced and overwritten with sigils from the death god, Mordak. Grull determines to clean this area as best he can before proceeding. Karol suggests that perhaps they should move on and rid the mound of evil, then come back and clean up afterwards. The remainder of the company pitch in and they do what they can, under the circumstances, to tidy the area before continuing.

Jun-jun hears something in the hallway. Grull throws open the door, only to find several odd necromantic constructs in the hallway. One larger construct orders the others to charge the party. Marcus chucks a fireball down there and toasts them before they can reach the group, and while they make short work of the undead, the leader escapes down the hallway, calling for reinforcements in a nearby room to attack the party. The heroes make short work of these additional creatures before pursuing.

Following the larger construct, the heroes enter a octagonal room with four doors and a large swirling mass of black energy inside a magic circle in the center. The door to the north is inscribed with an enchanted sigil warding off incorporeal undead. There are another ten undead constructs, including the leader, within, and they attack the party. Too small to dump a fireball first, the heroes have to wade in and get their swords dirty on this one. Karol tells Elphaba that the black sphere looks to be the source of the evil he has sought, and that they must destroy it in order to rid the burial mound of its curse, but Elphaba mistrusts this. Before they can reach the leader, he escapes once more through the western exit.

Continued once again…



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