Grull's Companions

Serpent demon

The Sea Ghost stops in the city of Banska-Morav, at the mouth of the Ordring River, and just across the border into Szarvasia. (This is where the company first hears the name Grull’s Companions, probably bestowed upon them by the bard Pokrath in his songs about his encounters with the heroes.) There they meet a man named Ivanov, who has a caravan he is trying to get to the capitol, Velkathy-Tashan, and needs a group of experienced professionals to see to its safety. The party accepts, and meets the other partner of the caravan, a female Erqigdlit named Sasha. Halfway between the two cities, along the Beralka Road, the camp is set upon at night by a group of religious fanatics with poisoned daggers, two giant poisonous snakes, a pair of priests devoted to Mordak, the god of death, and a poisonous Serpent Demon. The companions are nearly destroyed by the onslaught; Fayette, Merina, Jun-jun, and Sasha are gravely injured, many teamsters died in the defense, and the team is sore pressed to get the caravan to the capitol.



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