Grull's Companions

Stockade In The Grey Bogs, 24 September 2011

The Rescue


The company scouts the stockade and plans an attack. The local Seshurma are likewise watching this encampment of their hated enemies. Grull contacts them and discovers his old associate, Ssluruk, now the chieftan. He convinces the lizard-folk of the strength of working together to attack the stockade.

Using the Seshurma as a diversion, the Companions attack the stockade from the opposite direction, and are able to sack the fort, though Drakine Commander Canalith manages to hole up inside a stone tower created by a magic scroll. Grull negotiates an escape for Canalith in exchange for the information he wants. Captain Tarkenth dumped blind captain Ferd on an island further south towards Chiref, and both Lillian and the Alkax were in Chiref when Canalith left there.

The company goes back to Chiref and the Sea Ghost in order to search for Ferd.



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