Grull's Companions

Sailing To Chiref, 5 November 2011

Finding Ferd


Our heroes find a large, unlit bonfire prepared on the shore of an island along the Drakine Coast. Most of the company disembarks, leaving Elphaba on the Sea Ghost.

Grull, Marcus, Fayette, Merina, and Jun-jun find signs of habitation. Someone has been here a few weeks, at least. They find a trail leading up into the interior of the island. Someone has been dragged through here!

Following the path, they come across a clearing, some kind of simple setting with several small posts set about the perimeter of the circle, and an enormous stone statue with bejeweled eyes at the far end. Ferd is tied to one of the pillars!

Seeing no one present but fearing a trap, Grull holds the path while the others circle around the outside. Where did Jun-jun disappear to now? Meri frees Ferd, but Fayette is swarmed by tons of flying insects with miniature human riders!

Grull spots Jun-jun, trying to pry one of the jeweled eyes from the large stone statue, only to have it come to life! Jun-jun jumps away, but the golem pounds the cat with an enormous stone bowl, leaving the Pakasa crushed in the midst of the clearing.

Fayette and Merina discover that they are the enormous giants destroying the homes of many minikin with each step that they take! Marcus runs in and scoops up the body of the feline, and Grull wisely sounds a retreat. The golem brings his bowl down once more, seeking to crush the Erqigdlit, and sending up a huge cloud of dust…

Marcus, at full sprint, cradling the severely injured Jun-jun in his arms, emerges from the cloud, having somehow evaded the monster’s crushing blow! The party hurtles pell-mell down the island path, avoiding a huge tree felled along the way. Somehow, the company outdistances both golem and minikin, making the safety of the beach and the Sea Ghost. Elphaba works her magic, and the young cat is spared an untimely demise!

Just before Jun-jun slips into a much needed rest, he presses a strange golden medallion into Grull’s claw…



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