Grull's Companions

Thunderheart is pregnant, so the company detours to Ah Shu to give her and her pups a good home. Thunderheart leaves the group. Our heroes arrive back in Saltham Shore nearly five months after they departed. Neither of the two ships, nor their crews, are in the village when the company arrives. The alewife, Bellamy, gives Elphaba a message left here by Lady Langwurt’s handmaiden, Lillian, warning her that she has been forced to run because Sharena’s betrothed, Randarath Khrom, has arrived in Farnth and is actively seeking his fianceé. Bellamy tells her that the bumblebees showed up the following day looking for Lillian, and she fled on the Alkax, with the Sea Ghost as escort. Neither has been heard from since then.

The group learn that a strangely glowing ghost ship patrols offshore at night for about a week now. Grull buys a small fishing boat from one of the locals and the party sails out to meet the white, glowing ship. It is the Sea Ghost, with Father Jobo using Guiding Light to make the ship glow in the evening. He was concerned that the bumblebees might decide to seize the ship, were it found in port. So he awaited the companions’ return, confident that they would figure it out.

Father Jobo’s story: Leaving Saltham Shore, the two vessels made their way south along the coast, away from Valicia. As soon as they crossed into Basidrun waters, however, they were set upon by a huge pirate ship. Severely outmanned, Ferd elected to sacrifice himself and the Alkax to the pirates, so that the Sea Ghost could escape and seek help. Unfortunately, this meant that Lillian was taken as well.

The party sets out for Basidrun to try and locate the whereabouts of pirates in these waters. First stop is Chendrek, first village on the coast south of the mouth of the Shaanda River.



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