Grull's Companions

The Companions at last stumble in to Dar Vendrazhian, but not until a brief encounter with a group of bandits where they chose to negotiate their way out of a confrontation in their weakened state.

In the city, the company gets a tour from Jack, a jester they encountered at the city gates. After a night’s sleep, the group splits to set about their various need within the city.

Fayette and Maril went into the nearby forest and met with Eran, who told them that the orcs and goblins were building up along the northern border of Elvenholme in the Greyward Mountains, and that if something wasn’t done soon, war could break out.

Merina bought appropriate winter weather clothes at the bazaar and discovered that her father had been through Dar Vendrazhian just that very spring, with a cryptic comment about the ruined city of Iluria.

Tarot and Simeon stayed in the bar and picked up some rumors, one about an army encamped across the river from the city, and another about a death cult taking up residence in the ruined city of Iluria.

Marcus went to the Amberstar Guild with Jun-jun and Benwolf. He found that he can purchased charms to aid the debilitation caused by the blood demon, but it will cost magic items to persuade High Magister Selgorath to enchant them for him. Also, he’s too old to partake in formal mage training, but the guild would be willing to work with him in order to improve or otherwise alter one of his existing spells.

Elphaba and Grull pay a visit to the cathedral of Essaille Remagen, patron of Dar Vendrazhian. They talk to Templar Melioth, Favored of Kilbern, about blood demons and the Spear of Vergaine. Privately, Grull seeks spiritual guidance and talks about the need to finish the mission he has been given, balanced against the need to get healthy again in order to finish the mission. Melioth suggests once the spear has been delivered, that Grull pilgrimmage to Gwinden Abbey in the Mhendarian Palatinate in order to find his calling. Grull seems uncertain about why he would need to travel there in order to learn more about the High Church. Meanwhile, Elphaba meets with falman Ari, who is also a magus within the Amberstar Guild, and the liaison between the two organizations. He tells her about the Shield of the Soul, a spell which can help her protect the company from the major effects of blood demons and other infernal powers in the future.

After the day’s errands, the group meets back at the Ilurian (the inn) to discuss their immediate plans. During their meal, a greenish-grey pallor falls over everything in the inn save the company. Suddenly, everyone seems ensorceled and coming to take the spear from them! Trying not to kill anyone, the party discovers that throwing water on an affected person will break the black magic. Wrapping the spear in bed clothes to hide in, the companions return to the cathedral, where they are able to free the staff from the strange magic, and discover that it is likely the benefit of the spear that kept the company safe from the mind control spell. With the aid of Templar Melioth and falman (magus) Ari, they free the Amberstar Guild, and High Magister Selgorath makes it rain over the city, releasing the majority from the magic.



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