Grull's Companions

On Lake Beralka, 11 January 2013

Farewell, Saltham Shore

Our heroes have returned to the village of Saltham Shore once more, after thwarting King Zaargorath Khrom’s plan to marry his 23rd son, Randarath Khrom, to the daughter of Count Linder Langwurt by killing the grand vizier Wurnalith. A revel most grand is held in the group’s honor, with Lady Sharena Langwurt the honored guest at the festivities.

As the festivities wind on, the village reeve, Gresham Lott, arrives. He informs Lady Langwurt that Lord Dhiamus sends his regards, and regrets that he was unable to receive her on this trip. However, he wishes her to be aware that a rider arrived this morning in Fanth, seeking information upon her whereabouts. King Khrom is most anxious to speak with her about the death of his vizier and his missing son. Lord Dhiamus anticipates receiving instructions on the morrow to escort Lady Langwurt to Valicia City to audience with the King. It is regrettable that Lord Dhiamus will inform his majesty that Lady Langwurt and her company left on her vessel prior to the royal messenger’s arrival, destination unknown.



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