Grull's Companions


After a hasty patch job, Father Jobo limps the Sea Ghost to port in Dar Enroqe. Grull buys a week’s worth of cooling spells for the ship and crew, and arranges meetings with representatives from Keldravia and Szarvasia to warn them that someone seems to be trying to start a war. The Keldravian takes a skeptical view of the concept. But the Szarvasian thanks the company and clues them in to a village, Vrazha, two days south along the Lake Beralka coast where the sharthak occasionally come to trade for a few tridents and daggers. Grull asks for a wagon, and the companions, along with Benwolf and the pegasus, and carrying the Spear of Vergaine with them, travel to the tiny village.

There, Grull and Simeon sack out in the wagon so that they can post guard all night, while the others repair to the bar, where Fayette thinks they are being watched. Tarot talks to a cat, who tells them that the smith is visited by the shark people. Elphaba goes to the village shrine while the others go to the smithy. It is night, the smithy is closed. The group decides to wake Grull and decide what to do next. The pegasus suggests to Tarot that if they are trying to lure the sharthak, they should show off the artifact to draw attention. Grull elects to take the group over to the shrine to consult with the village priest. Talking to the priestess, taal Aura Mirelle, they find an inscription on the spear head. Grull whispers a prayer to Kilbern, and a great gout of lightning erupts into the night sky!



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