Grull's Companions

Marriage 2

Elphaba, Merina, and Fayette meet a doddering old priest, Vener Agee, archoth of the cathedral and the priest who will be conducting the wedding ceremony. Lady Langwurt knows the old priest, as she met him not only on affairs of the county, but when she was a young girl seeking her studies in life. The archoth (then only shalan) interviewed her prior to recommending her to the local druidic circle. He is of very poor sight. Does he recognize the lady, despite her disguise? If so, he hides it well, and speaks in cryptic terms.

Meanwhile, Grull, Marcus, and Jun-jun are forced to hide among the crates as a party of bumblebees passes through the storeroom. This would appear to be Randarath Khrom, 23rd in line to the throne of Valicia, his retinue, and the groom, Count Linder Langwurt of County Irolo. They pass through without noticing the heroic trio, and leave. That was close! Now, where did Jun-jun disappear to this time?

As the distaff heroes attempt to return to the storeroom, they come to the attention of several women of the Valician Guard, who take them away. The bridal party is about to arrive, and these female attendants need to help Lillian prepare for her wedding. The plan is for her to arrive, and almost immediately be walked down the aisle!

Jun-jun returns to the storeroom with a Drakine kilt and a battleaxe. The Drakine’s Regal Axes are in attendance for the wedding, and now Grull has a disguise to look as if he is part of that group. The trio decide to set out from the storeroom to try and find Randarath and convince him of the folly of the wedding.

The women meet Lillian, but are unable to communicate with her because of the presence of the guardswomen. The cathedral bells sound that the ceremony is about to begin!

The fellows come up the rear stairs of the wing to surreptitiously reach Randarath and Count Irolo, but as they enter the hallway, they see the heir and his retinue at the far end, headed downstairs to the main chapel. They attempt to catch up, but the retinue enters the temple as the heroes come up behind them.

All of the Companions are able to position themselves wherever they want in the crowd before the ceremony begins. Fayette’s mysterious stranger suddenly approaches her, hands her his staff, with instructions on how to use it. It suddenly becomes a longbow, and the elven archer repairs to the choir loft. They note at least three individuals that they know in the crowd: Lord Jarl Ambergris, met in Woodford while the company were looking for a dragon; the wandering Drakine bard, Pokrath, on the dais playing his instrument for the ceremony; and the mysterious stranger Fayette has caught glimpses of over the months, now very obviously of elven ancestry.

The soft stringed music plays, and the ceremony begins!



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