Grull's Companions

At the end of the fall, on the trip back to Valicia, the company found themselves trapped in an early winter’s snowstorm in the Valician Pass. They were rescued by Longknife Strongarm from the city of Gashearth. Forced by circumstance to winter in the dwarven city, Longknife and his wife, Brita, ask the heroes to search for their son, Ogbrek Strongarm, when he goes missing. They discover that he has been learning the craft of cryptmaking from the ancient cryptkeeper, Durm. Ogbrek has been working on a crypt for his soon-to-be “late” great-grandfather. The party enters the empty crypt and finds a collapsed wall revealing a cave complex beyond. They discover Ogbrek on the far side of a chasm across a stone bridge. As they try to reach him, the bridge collapses, plunging all into the inky blackness below.



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