Grull's Companions

The male bridal party: Count Irolo, the captain of the Valician Guards, and two guardsmen, enter from an anteroom at the side of the temple. The music flourishes, and the doors at the entrance of the chapel open, revealing the bride, Lillian, and her four guardswoman retinue. King Khrom’s vizier sits in the front row. The ceremony proceeds until the inevitable “Does anyone object…” line, when the doors at the end of the chapel burst open, and a Valician Guardsman mounted on horseback charges up to the altar. He announces that the city is attacked! Three armies, one of men, one of the lizardmen Seshurma, and one of the frogmen Ran-Tari, surround Farnth!

The guardsmen leave, as do the Drakine’s Regal Axes. The guardswomen are left behind to protect the bride. Guests hastily exit. Chaos is the order of the moment. The opportunity is now! The heroes rush the dais and the King’s wizard. The wizard teleports away… to the choir loft, unawares that Fayette is in hiding there! She puts two arrows into his neck, and the mage falls from the loft to the chapel below, stone dead.



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