Grull's Companions


The Coven wants the company’s help in stopping a dragon threat in the Snowthorn Mountains near the Valicia-Keldravia border. Two villages of nomadic Hlastroi barbarians have already been destroyed. Gemma (Flying Broomstick) remains with the company, the remaining witches depart. The heroes come upon the village of Woodfield immediately following the most recent dragon attack. A local lord, Jarl Ambergris, arrives with troops. The party talks with the lord and taaleh Lawt Farday, and discovers that another village, Eidelfarn, in Keldravia, has also been attacked by the dragon. The company travels there to investigate.

Arriving in Eldelfarn, they find the town militia being drilled by their kapitan, Wolfgang Junker, against a scarecrow dragon. The heroes also meet Bella, seamstress and witch, moving out of town; Shep, her despondent boyfriend; taal Viktor Knoblach; farmers Dirk Gardner and Ludwig Kemperer; the Bürgermeister, Luca Braun; and the blacksmith, Blackie. Investigation reveals that Lord Dieter Junker of Kirchhoff is Wolfgang older brother and their other brother, Gerhard, is shalan at the temple there. Bella does a card reading and reveals that the next dragon attack is to be at Count Skoremdaarl’s Black Rock House, certain to ignite a war between Valicia and Keldravia!

Arriving just in time, the company sees the dragon touch down in the edge of the nearby Black Moss Forest. As the heroes approach, they see it fly away towards Black Rock House and the village there. They charge into the woods and find shalan Gerhard Junker, apparently in control over the dragon. They break his hold on the dragon, who returns to eat the priest and flies away.



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