Ruler: Zaargorath Khrom, the Yellow King
Population: Men, with Dwarven, Drakine, Gnomish minorities
Language: Valician
Resources: Mining, herding, fishing, farming
Religion: High Church
Heraldry: Yellow and black, with a grey chain across the center

Valicia City (capitol) – The company chooses to not spend any time in the capitol, an overnight at most. They always seem to be mindful of the possibility of drawing the (unwanted) attention of minions of the Yellow King.

Tirion – end of the Waymeet-Tirion trail and the second largest city in Valicia. Trade center for merchants heading west into Keldravia or south to Valicia City. Economic hub of the northern section of Valicia. Serves as the primary economic link to the Gorthundan Steppes and Waymeet, via the Valician Pass.

Farnth – minor city in southern Valicia. Economic hub for villages such as Saltham Shore and Saltmarsh, and trade center for economic activity south to Basidrun. Seat of County Irolo and its Count, Linder Langwurt. Home to Lady Sharena Langwurt, a.k.a. Elphaba of the adventuring company Grull’s Companions.

Saltham Shore – Held in fief by Lord Konrad Dhiamus, the village is the last trading port on the Valician coast before the Grey Bogs formed by the delta of the Shaanda River, and beyond that, Basidrun. Saltham Shore was plagued by pirates working for the necromancers of the Unearthing Rite. Grull’s Companions came to town and cleared them out, rescuing Lady Sharena Langwurt of Farnth in the process. Until recently, the company used the tiny village as their primary base for adventuring. Their ship, the Alkax, still ports there with its blind captain, Ferd.

Ah Shu – small village two days east of Tirion. Until Grull’s Companions came and cleared out a zombie problem, the village was all but deserted. Now it is making a small recovery. The dam and pups of Marcus’ wolf, Benwolf, reside with a family here.

Woodford – Lord Jarl Ambergris was granted fiefdom over this village along the Myradon River after Grull’s Companions came through while seeking answers to a dragon problem in the spring of 5001 SE. Count Skoremdaarl determined that the village needed better protection than it had previously enjoyed, and granted the village to one of his loyal and faithful knights.

Black Rock House – (Count Skoremdaarl)

Halfway Inn – one day’s travel east of Tirion, and one day west of the village of Ah Shu.

Tomb of Rakoss – former warrior/wizard, general of Valicia

Arturon Falls – Scenic water feature near Ah Shu in northeast Valicia. Rumored to be an entrance into the dreaded Sunless Realms.

Saltmarsh – small village along the coast between Saltham Shore and Valicia City. Grull’s Companions flushed this village of pirates as well, recovering the merchant ship Sea Ghost in the process.

Myrgoll – (Count Vorgathrund)

Ishthac – the City of the Moon, a small city and the largest trading center along the Shaanda River.

Blackrond, Garwyn, Telisarn – trading towns along the Shaanda River.

Zaargorath khrom
Zaargorath Khrom, King of Valicia


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