(the ones the Companions have had any interaction about)

Almandré (g)
The Four-Fold God, the Patterner, the Weaver
God of nature, the seasons, time, and fate

While there are other nature-oriented gods, Almandré is the deity Elphaba tends to favor.

Asvalak (s)
The Lord of Battle, the Bloody God, the Slaughter-Lord
God of war, battle, slaughter, weapons, and warriors

Keldravia has their own variation of the High Church, called the Keldravian Heresy outside of that country. The King of Keldravia is considered a divine being, and it is said that he possesses the blood of Asvalak in his veins. The King is the high priest of the Keldravian church, which considers Asvalak a Blue God rather than a Scarlet.

The priest who controlled the dragon in As The Wyrm Turns was a shalan in the Keldravian church.

Hospin (b)
The Divine Healer, the Healer
God of healing, healers, mercy, kindness, and succor

Perhaps the most beloved god of the High Faith pantheon after Kilbern and Meára.

Kilbern (b)
The Skyfather, the Just Lord
God of the sky, justice, truth, law, and order

The Skyfather and ruler of heaven, Kilbern is the most powerful and revered of the gods. Most people say a brief prayer to him when waking, and another right before going to sleep. He’s portrayed as a tall, handsome, majestic lord, dark-haired and with blue eyes. When caparisoned for war, he wears armor crafted for him by Ishander, and wields the mighty sword Sarclaive and the shield Defender. He commands the host of the selestines and leads them into battle.

But Kilbern is more than simply the king of the gods; he’s also the god of justice, truth, law, and order. Those who seek justice or wish to learn the truth pray to him. It’s said the priests of the High Church can perceive any lie told in their presence thanks to the powers given them by the Skyfather.

The depth of Skyfather’s involvement in The Spear of Vergaine has yet to be fully revealed. Grull discovered that the name of the Skyfather is an activation word for lightning to erupt from the Spear.

Mordak (s)
The Black God, the Lord of the Devils, the Shadow King
God of Evil, darkness, the Underworld, and death

Fayette, Merina, and Jun-jun nearly met their gods in Szarvasian Detour when followers of Mordak attacked the caravan the Companions were guarding.

Saaltus (g)
The Sea Lord, the Lord of Ships
God of the sea, sailors, sailing, and ships

Saaltus has been a constant for the Companions since The Secret Of Saltham Shore. Grull pays at least some worship to the Grey God, and Father Jobo is a dedicated priest to the Sea Lord.


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