Drakine are reptilian humanoids with draconic features. Taller and broader-shouldered on average than a Man, a Drakine has a comparatively long neck with a draconic head, short fangs in its mouth, short claws on its fingertips, and a tail. A Drakine’s skin is usually a brownish, coppery color.

In warm regions, Drakine wear loincloth-like garments, often decorating them with emroidery, jewelry, or the like (plus a strip of cloth around the breasts for females). In cold weather, tunics, cloaks, and boots made of leather and furs predominate. Both genders like to wear metal jewelry — often large, ornate pieces such as bracers or vambraces, since their scaly skin doesn’t chafe.

The Drakine claim descent from the great dragons of old — according to their most ancient legends, the gods first created the dragons. But dragons proved too strong and fierce, unwilling to worship or serve, and so the gods took several of them and from them formed the Drakine. The Sarvath Delcor (“People of Fire and Power”), as they call themselves in their own language, were the first civilized race of Ambrethel; Men, Elves, and other peoples were created to serve them, or be ruled by them. They particularly feel this way towards the Seshurma, whom they regard as weaklings — flawed attempts by other, lesser gods to create a people as glorious and beautiful as the Drakine.

Most drakira (Drakine women) give birth but once in their lives, and often die in the process; after age 30, drakoso (Drakine men) outnumber drakira by a wide margin. Thus, many families consist of a father and a single child. To ensure that children are properly raised, many families join together in sahisha (“gathering of families for mutual benefit”), allowing its member families to pool resources to rear the young, go into business, fund a trading or adventuring expedition, or the like.

Grull, nominal leader of the Companions, is a Sunscale Drakine. The company has had many dealings with Drakine in their time, including Grull’s father Krandol, one of the Syndics of Basidrun; Tarkenth, a feared Drakine pirate along Basidrun’s Drakine Coast; Yaris, possibly the head of a great guild of thieves/assassins/spies (no one quite knows for sure); and Pokrath, a well-known Drakine bard in Basidrun and neighboring environs.

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