Grull's Companions

In Search Of The Golden Dragon, 17 December 2011
The 13th Syndic

The Companions sail to Chiref, looking for lady Lillian and the Alkax. Jun-jun is still in a coma, but Father Jobo will stay with him aboard the Sea Ghost. The Alkax is in port, but retaking her is the hard part. Grull finds that the new captain, Karras, is not aboard at the present time, but is uptown at the Draco Majoris, an upscale restaurant, tenement house, and bath house for the upper crust of Drakine society.

Traveling there, they discover that Karras is in a lunch/meeting with Rondas, a merchant of high regard in the capitol.

Sailing To Chiref, 5 November 2011
Finding Ferd


Our heroes find a large, unlit bonfire prepared on the shore of an island along the Drakine Coast. Most of the company disembarks, leaving Elphaba on the Sea Ghost.

Grull, Marcus, Fayette, Merina, and Jun-jun find signs of habitation. Someone has been here a few weeks, at least. They find a trail leading up into the interior of the island. Someone has been dragged through here!

Following the path, they come across a clearing, some kind of simple setting with several small posts set about the perimeter of the circle, and an enormous stone statue with bejeweled eyes at the far end. Ferd is tied to one of the pillars!

Seeing no one present but fearing a trap, Grull holds the path while the others circle around the outside. Where did Jun-jun disappear to now? Meri frees Ferd, but Fayette is swarmed by tons of flying insects with miniature human riders!

Grull spots Jun-jun, trying to pry one of the jeweled eyes from the large stone statue, only to have it come to life! Jun-jun jumps away, but the golem pounds the cat with an enormous stone bowl, leaving the Pakasa crushed in the midst of the clearing.

Fayette and Merina discover that they are the enormous giants destroying the homes of many minikin with each step that they take! Marcus runs in and scoops up the body of the feline, and Grull wisely sounds a retreat. The golem brings his bowl down once more, seeking to crush the Erqigdlit, and sending up a huge cloud of dust…

Marcus, at full sprint, cradling the severely injured Jun-jun in his arms, emerges from the cloud, having somehow evaded the monster’s crushing blow! The party hurtles pell-mell down the island path, avoiding a huge tree felled along the way. Somehow, the company outdistances both golem and minikin, making the safety of the beach and the Sea Ghost. Elphaba works her magic, and the young cat is spared an untimely demise!

Just before Jun-jun slips into a much needed rest, he presses a strange golden medallion into Grull’s claw…

Stockade In The Grey Bogs, 24 September 2011
The Rescue


The company scouts the stockade and plans an attack. The local Seshurma are likewise watching this encampment of their hated enemies. Grull contacts them and discovers his old associate, Ssluruk, now the chieftan. He convinces the lizard-folk of the strength of working together to attack the stockade.

Using the Seshurma as a diversion, the Companions attack the stockade from the opposite direction, and are able to sack the fort, though Drakine Commander Canalith manages to hole up inside a stone tower created by a magic scroll. Grull negotiates an escape for Canalith in exchange for the information he wants. Captain Tarkenth dumped blind captain Ferd on an island further south towards Chiref, and both Lillian and the Alkax were in Chiref when Canalith left there.

The company goes back to Chiref and the Sea Ghost in order to search for Ferd.

The Slave Trade, 6 August 2011
Looking for clues


First port of call is Chendrek, where the company meet a Drakine bard named Pokrath, who gives them much valuable information. They discover some of the crew of the Alkax in a slave holding facility, waiting to be auctioned. The heroes attack the building, freeing the sailors. They discover that the Commander who dumped the crew members after their capture, Canalith, has taken the rest to a stockade in the Grey Bogs to perform construction work on a stone stronghold. They also hear rumors of a sailor seen on an uninhabited island along the Drakine Coast.

Grull elects to rescue the rest of the Alkax crew first. They make preparations and set forth overland toward the Drakine stockade.

Return To Irolo, 13 May 2011
Unhappy Homecoming

Thunderheart is pregnant, so the company detours to Ah Shu to give her and her pups a good home. Thunderheart leaves the group. Our heroes arrive back in Saltham Shore nearly five months after they departed. Neither of the two ships, nor their crews, are in the village when the company arrives. The alewife, Bellamy, gives Elphaba a message left here by Lady Langwurt’s handmaiden, Lillian, warning her that she has been forced to run because Sharena’s betrothed, Randarath Khrom, has arrived in Farnth and is actively seeking his fianceé. Bellamy tells her that the bumblebees showed up the following day looking for Lillian, and she fled on the Alkax, with the Sea Ghost as escort. Neither has been heard from since then.

The group learn that a strangely glowing ghost ship patrols offshore at night for about a week now. Grull buys a small fishing boat from one of the locals and the party sails out to meet the white, glowing ship. It is the Sea Ghost, with Father Jobo using Guiding Light to make the ship glow in the evening. He was concerned that the bumblebees might decide to seize the ship, were it found in port. So he awaited the companions’ return, confident that they would figure it out.

Father Jobo’s story: Leaving Saltham Shore, the two vessels made their way south along the coast, away from Valicia. As soon as they crossed into Basidrun waters, however, they were set upon by a huge pirate ship. Severely outmanned, Ferd elected to sacrifice himself and the Alkax to the pirates, so that the Sea Ghost could escape and seek help. Unfortunately, this meant that Lillian was taken as well.

The party sets out for Basidrun to try and locate the whereabouts of pirates in these waters. First stop is Chendrek, first village on the coast south of the mouth of the Shaanda River.

As The Wyrm Turns, 4 February 2011
The Dragon's Secret


The Coven wants the company’s help in stopping a dragon threat in the Snowthorn Mountains near the Valicia-Keldravia border. Two villages of nomadic Hlastroi barbarians have already been destroyed. Gemma (Flying Broomstick) remains with the company, the remaining witches depart. The heroes come upon the village of Woodfield immediately following the most recent dragon attack. A local lord, Jarl Ambergris, arrives with troops. The party talks with the lord and taaleh Lawt Farday, and discovers that another village, Eidelfarn, in Keldravia, has also been attacked by the dragon. The company travels there to investigate.

Arriving in Eldelfarn, they find the town militia being drilled by their kapitan, Wolfgang Junker, against a scarecrow dragon. The heroes also meet Bella, seamstress and witch, moving out of town; Shep, her despondent boyfriend; taal Viktor Knoblach; farmers Dirk Gardner and Ludwig Kemperer; the Bürgermeister, Luca Braun; and the blacksmith, Blackie. Investigation reveals that Lord Dieter Junker of Kirchhoff is Wolfgang older brother and their other brother, Gerhard, is shalan at the temple there. Bella does a card reading and reveals that the next dragon attack is to be at Count Skoremdaarl’s Black Rock House, certain to ignite a war between Valicia and Keldravia!

Arriving just in time, the company sees the dragon touch down in the edge of the nearby Black Moss Forest. As the heroes approach, they see it fly away towards Black Rock House and the village there. They charge into the woods and find shalan Gerhard Junker, apparently in control over the dragon. They break his hold on the dragon, who returns to eat the priest and flies away.

Escape From The Sunless Realms, 7 January 2011
Out Of The Dark

Back on the lake, the company elects to follow the flow of the current, hoping that it may lead them to an exit. The cavern narrows to a swift-moving tunnel, complete with rapids, crocodiles, and giant frogs. Finally, the companions come into a large, swampy cavern, where they are attacked by a water elemental. They discover that the elemental was summoned by a water-based nature spirit. Breaking through the wall of the cavern, the water hurls the company over the Arturon Falls and crashing into the lake below. The companions are rescued by members of the Coven of D’yos. Their leader (?), Gemma, foretold that the group would fall from the sky at this precise moment and location. They need the Companions’ help, except for Adso, whose fortunes “take a different path.” Adso leaves the company.

The Sunless Realms, 5 December 2008
Trapped In The Dark


Having fallen from a collapsed stone arch dozens of meters above, the Companions find themselves plunged into a huge cavern filled with mycetons, great shambling humanoid fungi. After defending themselves from the monsters and rescuing Ogbrek, they discover that there is no way to climb back up to the dwarven city.

Trapped in the Sunless Realms, the companions search for a way out. Along the path, they encounter giant lizards and giant spiders, before coming upon a wight eating corpses of dark dwarves and human zombies.

The Forest Of Darkness
The party comes to a huge underground cavern containing a forest and a large lake. After dealing with carnivorous trees, rootlings, and ratlings, the party encounter a large fortress which they avoid, but discover a secret entrance via a mysterious voice in Merina’s head encouraging her to rescue him.

The Dark Elves
The company stealthily enters the fortress of the dark elves, Celendril, via a secret entrance into the temple of the spider queen. They discover a gate which leads to some other, even larger, dark elven stronghold. They manage to rescue not a person, but an intelligent, telepathic sword named Kesh. They also manage to collapse the dark elven gate while escaping. Grull obtains a Blackblade here, and Fayette acquires a magic boat.

The City In The Dark
Setting out across the lake, the heroes meet up with some creatures calling themselves “uthosa,” who wanted to trade. The company trades several daggers for some information about what directions they could travel in, and what dangers lay in those directions. Setting forth, they discover a beach with giant crabs on the far side of the lake. A few days further on they discover the City in the Dark, a vast underground metropolis with orcs, goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, dark dwarves, dark elves, ratlings, undead, humans, and only the gods know what else lives there. After some inspection, the group discovers Jun-jun, a pakasa, lured away from his homeland to the fabled city of Aarn by a wizard who captured him and transported him here. The group agrees to let him travel with them. They manage to escape from the constabulary comprised of orcs and an ogre city gate guard, and flee this obscene place.

Gashearth, 14 June 2008
Snowed In

At the end of the fall, on the trip back to Valicia, the company found themselves trapped in an early winter’s snowstorm in the Valician Pass. They were rescued by Longknife Strongarm from the city of Gashearth. Forced by circumstance to winter in the dwarven city, Longknife and his wife, Brita, ask the heroes to search for their son, Ogbrek Strongarm, when he goes missing. They discover that he has been learning the craft of cryptmaking from the ancient cryptkeeper, Durm. Ogbrek has been working on a crypt for his soon-to-be “late” great-grandfather. The party enters the empty crypt and finds a collapsed wall revealing a cave complex beyond. They discover Ogbrek on the far side of a chasm across a stone bridge. As they try to reach him, the bridge collapses, plunging all into the inky blackness below.

The Gorthundan Steppes, 12 April 2008
Trial By Combat

Wolf 2

Adso rejoins the company. A grey wolf, Thunderheart, comes to find Benwolf. She tells him (and Elphaba) that the druid that guards their forest is in trouble and needs help. Thunderheart joins the party. On the Waymeet-Tirion trail, the group meets a dwarven caravan led by Longknife Strongarm. The party then encounters a Gorthunda caravan led by Marcus’ old friend Roshor. Afterwards, the company proceeds to the Gorthundan Steppes only to discover that the druid has been murdered by goblins, with a haphazard attempt to use two corpses in heraldry to frame the Blue Wolves tribe. They go to the city of Waymeet, where they seek answers, acquire the dead druid’s magic cloak, and travel out to sack a goblin camp, where they rescue a Kumasian warrior, Merina, who joins the party.

Returning to Waymeet, the companions are captured and framed for the murder. Bulgan, chieftan of one of the largest tribes of Gorthunda, the Blue Wolves, challenges Grull to combat until evidence comes out implicating the rival tribe, the Emerald Drakes. Bulgan tries to offer what help he can without risking his standing with his people, but Marcus is forced into a wizard’s duel with Xanthan, an opponent mage from enemy tribe chieftan Odenggam’s camp. The wild mage suddenly discovers that he can throw fireballs, and roasts his opponent, “proving” the party’s innocence.


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