Konrad Dhiamus

Lord of Saltham Manor


15 STR 5 4 PD 1
13 DEX 9 3 ED 1
12 CON 4 3 SPD 7
11 BODY 2 6 REC 2
14 INT 4 20 END -2
16 EGO 12 30 STUN 5
16 PRE 6
12 COM 1

2 Owns Ixeter*
19 Owns Regorand
4 Owns Saltham Manor (40″×20″, 2 BODY, 4 DEF)
2 Perk: Member of Lower Nobility
5 Perk: Well-Off
- Transport Familiarity: Horses
2 FAM w/ Common Melee Weapons
9 +3 w/ Swords
7 Animal Handling 13-
5 Riding 13-
3, 3 Paramedic, Tactics 12-
3, 3 Oratory, High Society 12-
4 KS: Irolo Politics 13-
2 KS: Code of Honor 11-
2 KS: History of famous deeds 11-
1 Literate w/ Local Language
- ES: Climbing, Concealment, Deduction, Conversation, Shadowing, Stealth 8- (ea)
- AK: Duchy of Irolo
- PS: Manorial Lord

Cost Disadvantages
3 Knight Package Bonus
20 Psych Lim: Follows Code of Honor
15 Psych Lim: Protective of Villagers
5 Age 40+
5 Reputation 8-
10 Professional Rival: Count Flavio


While showing signs of his age at forty, the Lord is still a robust man and is capable of wielding his sword in a most respectable manner. His family has lived at this dwelling for seven generations, and they have saved the village from numerous troubles over the decades. While he devotes most of his time to seeing to the commerce and well-being of Saltham, Konrad considers himself something of a scholar and has been working on a book on the world of politics and intrigue within of Irolo. However, this work will not be published in his lifetime.

As a youth, Lord Dhiamus was brought into an arranged marriage with the Lady Lieserhan, and over the years the two have grown a strong affection for each other. The first two pregnancies of the Lady were stillborn, so their son was a source of great pleasure and pride to the couple. Now with his only heir slain, Konrad is deeply melancholic and is not easily stirred to investigate the surrounding events.

When preparing for combat, the Lord will don his Mail Hauberk and Gauntlets (6 DEF, 6-14), Iron Helm (8 DEF, 4-5), and leather riding boots (3 DEF, 15-18). He carries a Heater Shield (2 DCV), a Hand Axe (1d61K) and a glowing blue magical Long Sword (+2, 2d6-1K) known as Ixeter. His light war horse Regorand, although aging somewhat, is still a valiant beast. (See HERO Bestiary for stats.)

Konrad Dhiamus

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