Jordan Tiriol

pirate on Lake Beralka


14 STR 4 5 PD 2
14 DEX 12 4 ED 2
12 CON 4 3 SPD 6
14 BODY 8 6 REC 2
11 INT 1 24 END 0
12 EGO 4 32 STUN 5
13 PRE 3
13 COM 1

2 Defense Maneuver
5 FAM w/ Common Melee Weapons
2 FAM w/ Common Missile Weapons
10 +2 w/ Hand-to-Hand
6 +2 w/ Swords
2 +1 OCV w/ Bow
1 Transport Familiarity: Boats
- Transport Familiarity: Horse
7 Riding 14-
5 Tactics 12-
3, 3 Seamanship, Tracking 11-
3, 3 Breakfall, Climbing 12-
3, 3 Navigation, Paramedic 11-
3 Oratory 12-
- ES: Concealment, Conversation, Deduction, Shadowing, Stealth 8-
2 KS: Famous Military Strategies 11-
2 KS: Military Procedures 11-
2 KS: Sailing Procedures 11-
1 AK: Western Shores
- AK: Daria
2, 2 AK: Ports of Call, Oceans 11-
- PS: First Mate
2 Swimming: +2" (4" total)

Cost Disadvantages
3 Leader Package Bonus
20 Wanted for Piracy 8- (More Powerful, Extensive NCI, Kill)
10 Obeys Orders
10 Dislike of Magi (Common, Moderate)
10 Reputation 8-


A former sergeant in the Ulgrad light cavalry, Jordan was falsely accused of practicing the dark arts and was forced to flee. While at sea, his vessel was accosted by the Caravel “Alkax”, and Jordan used this opportunity to jump ship. While it took some doing to earn the Captain’s trust, in time he became a noted accomplice of the privateer.

While lacking Captain Piraster’s experience, Jordan has proven a quick study and has become an accomplished sailor in only a few years. He has earned the respect of the shipboard pirates for his fearless and daring boarding actions. Jordan Tiriol is easily the most accomplished fighter among the crew, an honor that has cost several rivals their lives.

Despite his years at sea, Jordan retains a fair complexion and a heavily freckled face and shoulders. His hair is fiery red, a distinction that has earned Jordan the nickname “Bloody Jo”. He retains the sleek, muscular physique from his Darian cavalry days, although he now favors the Falchion and buckler in combat. He wears only a loose shirt, leather jacket, tights, and boots for protection.

Despite the crime for which he was falsely accused, Jordan retains the superstitious nature of his former countrymen and almost instinctively dislikes Magi of all stripes. The work for the Unearthing Rite has been a particularly trying time for Jordan, and he has a strong resentment of Ohra’s presence on the ship. Fortunately, the Captain has seen the wisdom of separating the two and Jordan has taken command of the pirate band at the sea caves.

Following the events at Saltham Shore, Jordan abandoned piracy in Valician waters, as he promised Grull. However, he still practices his trade, albeit on the west and southern shores of Lake Beralka.

Jordan Tiriol

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