Gresham Lott

village reeve of Saltham Shore


Male Human, 15 STR, 13 INT, 13 PRE, Persuasion 12-, Deduction 12-, Riding 11-, Trading 11-, Fam w/ Pole Arms, PS: Farming, Perk: Reeve, Knife (+1, 1/2d6K). Armed: Leather Tunic and Cap (2 DEF, 3-4/9-14), Fauchard (2d6K).


The Reeve serves as the overseer of the Lord’s manor. He is in charge of the servants and commands the duties of the villeins. While the office of Reeve is supposedly filled anew each year, Gresham has the full confidence of the Lord and so has been the village Reeve for the past six years. His position has made him prosperous, and it shows in both his dwelling and attire. Gresham lives with his wife, an invalid mother, and three lively children.

Gresham Lott

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