Durvan Ironwright

dwarven blacksmith in Saltham Shore


Male Dwarf, 19 STR, 16 CON, Trading 12-, Weaponsmith 14-, KS: Forging Iron 13-, PS: Ironsmith 14-, AK: Torleo, 3" Running, Lim: Blind in one eye, Lim: lost both legs below knees, Hunted 8- (More Powerful, Limited Area: Torleo, Wants to Maim).


At one time Durvan was a much respected Iron Smith in the city of Torleo. However, he lost an eye during a violent disagreement with a member of the Smithy Guild, then lost both legs below the knee in an “accident”. As a result, he was barely able to perform his craft and finally left the city for the calm of a country life. Despite his physical disabilities, Durvan is still a powerful dwarf and is capable of forging good quality tools and weapons, albeit at a slower than normal pace.

Durvan Ironwright

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