Bellamy Cordwainer

alewife in Saltham Shore


Female Human, 14 PRE, Conversation 13-, Trading 12-, KS: Brewing Ale 12-, KS: Cooking 11-, PS: Ale Woman 12-.


Bellamy is a heavyset woman, with a pleasant demeanor but a somewhat fiery temper. The widow of the village shoe maker, she now runs the Lodge with the assistance of her two daughters, both of marriageable age. Once her suspicions are allayed, Bellamy will be glad to fill the heroes in on local events in exchange for news from abroad. She will almost certainly mention the grounded ghost ship and the mysterious death of the Lord’s son.

Knows how to play at being “just a foolish old woman.” Once held a message from Lillian to Elphaba and kept it secret from the bumblebees.

Bellamy Cordwainer

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