Bella Dhiamus

Lady of Saltham Manor


Female Human, 13 EGO, Conversation 12-, High Society 13-, Riding 11-, KS: Gardening, KS: Singing, Perk: Well Off, Perk: Member of the Lower Nobility, Talent: Perfect Pitch, Contact: Wealthy Family, Age 40+.


The Lady Bella Dhiamus is an elegant woman who is approaching her later years with a certain grace and dignity. Although her marriage with the Lord was an arranged affair, she has grown fond of Konrad over the years. Bella had some trepidation that her failure to bear children might end the marriage, but the Lord has stayed close to her throughout these trials, and has never been unfaithful or grown abusive.

Bella was born the fourth daughter of a wealthy noble family in the city of Alasrenoa, and still occasionally longs for the bustle of the urban life. However, she has learned to put her skills to good use and occupy her time with running the Manor. She has little or no knowledge of the arts of combat, but will remain calm and dignified during a crisis.

Bella Dhiamus

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