Grull's Companions

Stop The Duke’s Big, Fat, Redneck Wedding, 6 October 2012

Sailing up the coast, the heroes set course to Saltham Shore. Making their way overland to Farnth, they use disguise to sneak their way into the city. They have arrived on the day of the nuptials. They have to work their way through the crowds to the cathedral, sneaking in the side entrance onto the cathedral grounds, and into a storeroom in the wing of the building down from the main temple. In the storeroom they find ceremonial robes for the wedding. Elphaba, Merina, and Fayette use them to disguise themselves and reconnoiter through the cathedral (although Fayette is forced to leave her beloved longbow behind). Grull, Marcus, and Jun-jun are stuck in the storeroom awaiting their return.



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