Grull's Companions

Escape From The Sunless Realms, 7 January 2011

Out Of The Dark

Back on the lake, the company elects to follow the flow of the current, hoping that it may lead them to an exit. The cavern narrows to a swift-moving tunnel, complete with rapids, crocodiles, and giant frogs. Finally, the companions come into a large, swampy cavern, where they are attacked by a water elemental. They discover that the elemental was summoned by a water-based nature spirit. Breaking through the wall of the cavern, the water hurls the company over the Arturon Falls and crashing into the lake below. The companions are rescued by members of the Coven of D’yos. Their leader (?), Gemma, foretold that the group would fall from the sky at this precise moment and location. They need the Companions’ help, except for Adso, whose fortunes “take a different path.” Adso leaves the company.



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