Grull's Companions

Crazy ant

Grull, a self-exiled former Drakine Commander from Basidrun, and his new friend, the amnesiac mage Neu, found themselves in the halfling town of Tirhaven, just over the Myradon River and the Valician border, just inside Keldravia. In a halfling inn, looking for rumors of work for hired guards, they ran across several others seeking the same goals: Fayette, an elven archer who, afflicted with wanderlust, had spent several decades traveling here from Elvenholme; Marcus, a young Erqigdlit who used to travel with caravans along the Waymeet-Tirion trail and now found himself on his own; and Adso, a rogue and errant cleric of the High Church. A bar fight ensued, at least in part because a halfling named Norb clocked Marcus in the back of the head with a beer mug. During the fight, which spilled outside, Neu fireballed a farmer’s wheat field across the street from the inn.

Once the dust settled, the motley group of wanderers, now before the authorities in the personage of Tirhaven’s mayor, was ordered to go rid the town of a band of goblins that had been preying upon them of late as recompense for the farmer’s field. The improvisational adventuring company bearded the goblins in their den, Neu nearly killing Fayette while fireballing goblins, and successfully returned to Tirhaven. And thus, Grull’s Companions were born, although it would not be known by that name for some time to come.

The Tomb of Rakoss
After some time, the company learned of trouble in a small village named Ah Shu. There, they defeated zombies (despite Fayette’s accidentally shooting Grull in the back of the head), but encountered an unusually cold phenomenon. They traced it back to a hidden tomb, the last resting place of Rakoss the Undying. They negotiated the traps and monsters therein, including giant ants, a stone golem, and a manticore. For their booty, they discovered Foebreaker, a powerful named sword which was given to Marcus; the Ring Of Perspicacity, given to Grull; the Ghost Grip Glove, to Neu; a shirt of unreal elven chainmail, for Fayette; and a spellbook belonging to the deceased warrior-necromancer Rakoss. To this day, his companions are not sure that Neu was not somehow affected by the spirit of the evil general Rakoss.



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